Unprecedented artificial intelligence (AI) progression depend on recurrent testing of swaths of data.

Owing to the potential to determine complex patterns in massive amounts of data, deep learning models are now becoming important tools to solve complex data science tasks like natural language processing (NLP) and image classification.

Benchmark testing: what it is

In an ever-changing world of technology, benchmark testing plays a critical role to predict how intelligent AI technology is — to detect weaknesses, and further build stronger and smarter models.

From MNIST to GLUE or ImageNet, benchmarks played a significant role to drive progress in AI research. They provide a specific target…

Despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, the hiring spree for tech professionals in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is hitting the roof.

Not only did COVID-19 highlighted the significance of AI across different sectors but also accelerated digital transformation.

Therefore, making AI engineers and AI specialists to be in excessive demand. Also, one of the major reasons why AI careers have started to lure every tech professional, even the newly minted graduates.

Let’s further delve deeper and try to understand the mindset of how things work with recruiters, especially when hiring a fresher.


Artificial Intelligence Engineer is one of the most demanded job roles across industries today. Looking to spin up an artificial intelligence career? Hold on!

When it comes to a new, but high buzz-generating field such as Artificial Intelligence, you may want to gather all the advice you can get. For, what is relevant today, probably would be void by next year.

From aspirants beginning at the bottom of the totem pole to professionals progressing to senior positions and to even those planning their own business — here are some selected timeless advice for whatever stage you may be as an…

AI is one of the hottest buzzes today, and it keeps growing. According to the LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report 2020, Artificial Intelligence continues to make strong strides in terms of future prospects.

The automation industry is hiring for AI talent for a variety of roles across sectors. AI engineers are working as specialists in robotics, consumer electronics, finance, IT, and even data science. The report states, the hiring for AI engineers has grown by 74% annually in the past 4 years.

As AI permeates every aspect of human lives and AI experts are seen as the knights in shining armors…

According to GlobeNewswire, the largest newswire distribution networks worldwide, the global artificial intelligence (AI) market is anticipated to grow from USD 20.67 billion in 2018 to USD 202.57 billion by 2026.

While the data science global market anticipates reaching more than USD 178 billion by 2025.

Both data science and AI have been touted to be remarkable careers in the tech industry.

Without wasting much time, let us delve deeper and talk more about data science and AI career.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer vs Data Scientist — A Broader Perspective

👉Artificial intelligence engineer

Artificial intelligence is no longer a thing of the past but instead has become a greater part of our everyday lives…

What companies are asking candidates in 2020

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash.

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has made a great impact in the market — not to mention AI is the force behind the fourth industrial revolution.

If you browse through the internet or job listing portals, you will find AI to be one of the leading jobs in the world.

Both small and large businesses are on the lookout to hire a skilled AI engineer to transform their dream into reality. However, finding one is still challenging. If you’re looking to sit for your first interview, you need to make sure you impress your recruiters.

Every industry out…

You thought AI is intelligent? Well, it has a long road ahead.

Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is one of the most revolutionary technologies being developed. Though, as powerful as it is, there still are a lot of basic problems it is yet to become competent to solve.

David Cox, Director of MIT-IBM Watson AI lab says, “It’s time to reinvent artificial intelligence.” And, according to him, neuro-symbolic AI is the answer.

We take a quick look into what ails present AI, and how AI engineers can revolutionize the discipline with neuro-symbolic AI.

Say, an AI program is asked…

The development of AI is growing at lightning speed. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Report 2020, AI experts stood as one of the fastest-growing job careers in AI. Industries and the new workforce need to adapt to the quick change and keep upskilling.

The report also mentions as the development of the internet, information technology, and computer software accelerates, so did the demand for AI professionals grew by 74 percent annually in the last five years.

If you look up random terms like “it’s lit” or perhaps “planking” on Google, you might come across multiple search results. These terms may have nonsensical search results but have been used multiple times.

Machine learning makes it available to display more information for such queries.

There are countless examples of machine learning impacting our daily lives, while software engineering is more about breaking a problem down into sub-problems, solving those sub-problems, and finally composing them into a solution to the original problem.


Let’s make things simpler.

Software Engineering vs Machine Learning

A simple rule is followed in software engineering — divide and conquer!

From a bustling lifestyle to lockdown, from lay-offs to furloughs, COVID-19 has ransacked the lives of many working professionals.

Right now, we’re all working toward managing a better future in multiple ways. Our lifestyle has changed, our leaning has changed, and even the way we work has changed. Who would have thought about the spread of coronavirus today, we were all just living normal lives? Until the pandemic!

Every person who is looking to thrive on this planet will need new skillsets to be successful in the near future. This near-future could be a month from now, a year…

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