AI-Based Future beckons… Are You Ready?

Reskill, Up-skill and retrain if you don’t want to perish — is the message ever-evolving technology giving to the professionals.

Heed it or be left out in this race of survival of the fittest professional (in this case — adaptable professionals).

As we find ourselves in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, the way to survive this is by constant learning and development. Yes, there still might be a slight ounce of fear lurking somewhere that says — AI is coming for your jobs…!

However, at this stage of revolutionary development, recruiters seek talented professionals in the field of AI. And some of the popular roles include –

1. Data Scientist

2. Machine Learning/AI engineer

3. Data Analyst

If the reports by Indeed are to be believed, then the demand for AI-related roles has more than doubled over the last three years.

What it means for you — Aspiring AI professional?

It means that with the immense demand for expert professionals in the AI field, the requirement for 🔗AI experts will only rise. According to Indeed, AI is an ever-growing industry with more and more jobs opening for the talented professionals. Though there has been a steady rise in the demand there has been no shift (neither rise nor fall) in the candidates seeking AI-enabled roles.

Experts speak about the future … that looks promising…

According to Dan Ayoub, General Manager of Mixed Reality Education at Microsoft, “AI will be a great transformer, improving the efficiency of many sectors — including education — and enabling the creation of higher-value services that can lead to overall economic growth.”

👉New AI Economy — the Workplace Future

With the growth and development of AI, there has been drastic disruptions in the economic growth.


The amount of data AI systems can handle are not possible for humans. So the chances of professionals (working the data-heavy industries) finding themselves in the midst of job loss/switching are quite high.

As McKinsey Global Institute predicts — almost one-third of the American workforce will need to switch jobs by 2030 including professionals from the financial, legal support staff, administrative professionals and IT professionals.

Irrespective of how the economy treats the future workforce, fresh graduates, and students — taking a leap in the AI realm is not easy as it may seem.

Ernst & Young report revealed skilled crisis looming large while recruiting new scientists.

But what does the Future look like…?

Bright, I will say!

AI is on the road to become one of the most important technologies of this era, with a potential of creating an annual revenue that falls between the range of $3.5 trillion and $5.8 trillion. This sums up of about 40% of the $9.5 trillion to $15.4 trillion potential annual impacts on all analytics.

👉Students/Professionals are you listening…!

AI have a high learning curve and is probably one of the best rewards for students who seek a career in AI.

And here’s what you need to earn…

· A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field such as mathematics and statistics is required.

· For senior-level positions, a master’s degree or a Ph.D. is mandatory. A college degree is no longer considered the eligibility criteria for big giants such as Microsoft and Apple.

· If you’re able to demonstrate the 🔗skills through AI certifications and projects, then this might be able to give you a head start in your AI career.

Since AI is still in its infancy, you need to be proactive in the field, as most colleges still follow the traditional education system. And this is where certification in AI will be an added advantage.

Certification will validate your skills and qualifications in the subjects like:

• Data Mining and Analysis

• Introduction to Probability for Computer Scientists

• Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

• Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning

• Machine Learning

• Artificial Intelligence: Principles and Techniques

• Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques

• Reinforcement Learning

• Decision Making under Uncertainty

• Mining Massive Data Sets

• Computational Logic

• Introduction to Robotics

• Natural Language Understanding

• Probabilistic Graphical Models: Principles and Techniques

• Machine Learning

• Deep Learning

• Computer Vision: From 3D Reconstruction to Recognition

• Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

• Deep Generative Models

In addition to the subjects listed above, extensive knowledge in interdisciplinary courses in areas related to cognitive science also play important role. With exponential demand for 🔗AI professionals in the current industry, there are several credible AI certifications that one may pursue today and hired for the best jobs in the industry.

Several industries stand out in the AI domain. A 2019 Gartner report states that the enterprise applications for AI have tremendously grown 270% in four years.

Good news for aspiring professionals …

Several different sectors including cybersecurity, healthcare, transportation, education, retail, construction, business intelligence, IT, and supply chain management seek talented AI professionals.

Professionals who are constantly reskilling, retraining and updating their knowledge will prove to be an invaluable asset for employers in the current job market.

Some of the jobs that will disrupt the market include:

· Robotics engineer

· Machine learning engineer

· Data scientist

· AI engineer

· Computer vision engineer.

Being adaptive, and adoptive, along with constant learning and developing will be the future of workforce.


It will be the survival of the fittest (or rather adaptive) professional.

Question remains…

Are you ready?

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