Become an Associate Big Data Analyst in The Time of Coronavirus

COVID-19, fears, job losses, and big data!

· 800,000–1m people were found traveling in and out of Milan when Italy was supposed to be under lockdown.

· 99.98 percent of the individuals studied can be re-identified with approximately 15 demographic characteristics, despite their data being anonymized.

· 80 percent of the time the Belgians were found spending time within their home postal area even after confinement measures were announced.

Big data is the livelihood of a successful business. With data becoming a concern for every business, organizations are now thriving to hire skilled big data analysts.

Can you see how significant data can be?

The world generates about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. With the growth of IoT, data generated daily is becoming endless.

But restricted by the availability of highly skilled data analysts.

Regardless of the ever-increasing data and the reality of lack of talent, it is yet an impending challenge to find individuals with the required expertise. The rising number of data exceeds but the supply remains bleak.

The explosive growth of data and the rise of associate big data analyst

Big data has made quite an entrance and it continues to make significant contributions. However, very few people are well-trained in this field.

Globally, the pandemic attack has hit a million lives across the face of the earth. And even in situations such as this, big data plays a huge role in controlling the deadly virus.

There is no unassailable sentence to say why you need big data skills, but the lack of big data analyst will remain to be a challenging factor in the big data realm.

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Grab your associate big data analyst certification from the Data Science Council of America (DASCA)

Getting the technology right is challenging but building the right set of skills is even more challenging.

The challenge only grew bolder as the industry demanded more skilled professionals in big data.

Earning the ABDA™ certification program demonstrates core skills in loading, transforming and model data to define meaningful insights from the raw output.


DASCA’s ABDA™ certification program is an ideal choice for young-business school students, fresh graduates as well as professionals to get into the big data world. DASCA revolutionizes itself to be vendor-neutral and credible among other international certification platforms.

We’re currently at a pace where the transformation of academic content does not match the ongoing technology evolution. While colleges and universities are reforming these changes, professional certifications such as associate big data analyst certification and big data certification provide a getaway to these budding big data professionals.

Besides high-quality content, DASCA also provides the Wiley–produced kit curated around the DASCA Essential Knowledge Framework (DASCA-EKF™). The DASCA-EKF™ is developed to provide aspiring big data professionals the liberty to engulf recent technologies and trends the industry is looking to hire.

If you’re looking to gain an edge in the big data realm, then the associate big data analyst certification offered by DASCA is an ideal choice. Making the right choice can at times get confusing, however, a credible professional certification will always give you the strength in setting up a specific benchmark before employers.