Complete Guide To Be an Artificial Intelligence Professional

Artificial Intelligence is one of the biggest technological waves that have hit the world of technology. According to research from Gartner, artificial intelligence will create a business value worth US$3.9 trillion by 2022. Globally the artificial Intelligence market will grow at a rate of 154 percent. This resulted in the high demand for AI engineers today.

With the growing demand for AI, many individuals are considering it as a career option. In this article, let’s understand the step-by-step process of becoming an artificial intelligence professional.

Theoretical steps to follow to become an AI professional

Step-1: One of the crucial requirements for an individual, who is seeking a career in the field of AI must good at numbers, i.e. they should polish their basic math skills. This will help in writing better code.

Step-2: In this step, one must strengthen their roots, on those concepts that play a vital part in this field. These are the following concepts:

  • Linear algebra, probability, and statistics — As mentioned before mathematics is an integral part of AI. And if an individual wants to make a growing career in it, then they must have good knowledge of the concepts of advanced math. They are vectors, matrices, statistics, and dimensionality, and must also have knowledge of probability concepts like the Bayes Theorem.

Step-3: In this step, the artificial intelligence professionals must learn more in-depth concepts, which are a complex part of AI. If one master these concepts then they can excel in their career in the field of AI.

  • Neural networks — It is a computer system modeled on the human brain and nervous system, which works by incorporating data through an algorithm it is developed on. The concepts of neural networks are the foundations for building AI machines, it is better to have a deep understanding of its functionalities.

There are different kinds of neural networks, which are used in various ways. Some of the common neural networks are:

  • Perceptron

A practical step to follow to become an AI professional

Step-4: This is the last step in the process of becoming an expert AI professional. Following things are required to be a master in the field of AI:

  • Optimization techniques — By learning optimization of algorithms helps to maximize or minimize the error function. These functions are based on the models’ internal learnable parameters that play a key role in the accuracy and efficiency of results. Learning this will be helpful to apply optimization techniques and algorithms to model parameters, which are useful to attain optimum values and accuracy of such parameters.


The aforementioned steps will ensure an individual sail through the learning path of AI. Undoubtedly, mastering all the skills can be a difficult task. But one can achieve it with hard work, continuous practice, and consistency.

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