Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Big Data Engineering Certifications

DASCA Big Data Engineering Certifications are major international qualifications today which are designed for software engineers and programmers, who want to enter or grow in the high–demand big data development and the engineering profession. It offers two levels of global certification programs:

· Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE™) — This credential gives insights into popular big data platforms, like Hadoop and Spark, and knowledge of proprietary and open-source developer tools such as HBase, Hive, Pig, and HiveQL. It is required to pass a 75-question online exam. This credential is designed for graduate students of computer science, information technology, computer applications, and programming.

· Senior Big Data Engineer (SBDE™) — This data engineer certification is a scale-up from the associate credential. This credential demonstrates knowledge on all essential proprietary platforms for big data engineers. It is required to pass the an85-question online exam. This credential is designed for experienced professionals who aspire to move into the big data space or want to grow quicker in their respective careers.

Both the credentials exam duration is 100–minutes, and it is an online exam. And a complete exam preparation kit will be given. The kit contains the following

  • Handbook 1: Foundations of big data engineering
  • Handbook 2: Advanced big data engineering
  • Online learning &preparation resources

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