How to Become an AI Engineer in 2021

Artificial Intelligence is creating a significant impact in our daily lives. We are using AI knowingly or unknowingly. for instance, a simple WhatsApp chat or Google Search has an AI algorithm in it that helps you to research more on the search topics. It has ingrained in our daily activities. Likewise, most companies are eager to adopt AI technology in their businesses, marketing, and sales models, or creating a software solution.

This has invariably led to an increase in the demand for AI professionals. Let’s talk about becoming an Artificial Intelligence Engineer here. They earn about USD 1,15, 320 in the United States as per reports. In brief, AI is a game-changing technology, and professionals with AI engineering knowledge are the game-changers.

Read on further to know how to become an AI engineer.

Becoming an AI engineer in 2021

As an AI engineer, you will be:

· Building, testing, and deploying new AI models

· Coordinating with data scientists to collect and analyze business data

· Discussing with business analysts to understand the business objectives and problems

· Automating infrastructure, and converting ML models into APIs

· Using machine learning throughout the software development cycle

· Training ML models to conduct domain-specific tasks

· Developing MVPs and improving algorithms

· Applying the right AI technologies at all levels

So, now as you are clear with the job profile, let’s understand the technical skills you need to ace your interview as an AI engineer.

Technical skills

Programming languages

· Data structures and classes.

· Be familiar with memory management, basic algorithms, and links.

They come in handy while building and implementing AI models.


· Matrices, vectors, matrix multiplication, standard deviations, means, and Gaussian distributions. Naïve Bayes, Gaussian Mixture Models, and Hidden Markov Models.

Knowledge in these domains helps you practically implement solutions in your organization.

Applied Mathematics and Algorithms

· Quadratic programming

· Deep learning algorithms

This knowledge helps you in building AI models using unstructured data.


· TensorFlow

· Caffe

· PyTorch

Big data technologies

· Hadoop,

· Cassandra, and

· MongoDB

These technologies help you derive information from data.

Natural language processing

· Gensim

· Word2vec

· Sentimental Analysis

Deep learning and neural networks

· Image classification

· Translation

Business skills

So, be a problem solver to become a successful AI engineer. Also, validate your learning skills by earning the best AI engineer certification available in the market. Learn about one AI certification — AIE, which is more popular in the industry here.

Get introduced to AIE Certification

Artificial Intelligence Engineer — AIE Certification is one of the best-known AI certifications in the industry, provided by the Artificial Intelligence Council of America. The course work broadly covers the domain such as machine learning, supervised/unsupervised learning, natural language processing, and more.

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