Introducing you to Most In-Demand Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

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What is AI?

AI has created a buzz in the market. The creation of intelligent machines that behaves and works like humans is called Artificial Intelligence. Think about Alexa and Google Homes. What are these? These are the best examples of AI. AI is easing up the lives of many and transforming the future with its smartness.

The creative field of AI has a lot of jobs in the store. If are an aspiring AI professional, here are a few job roles that you might find relevant for yourself.

Computer Vision Research Engineer

The role of a Computer Vision Research Engineer is to establish an enriched experience for the customers. Their work includes the development of innovative computer vision technologies, evaluating the technical trade-offs of every decision, writing production code, and enhancing the features of the products. Also, they are required to work closely with front-end and back-end engineers for production integration.

Business Intelligence Engineer

A Business Intelligence Engineer deals with the collection of data. They present the data in a simplified manner to the business. They are responsible to transform the data into factual insights and present it in the form of summaries, graphs, reports, etc. They also establish current market trends with the help of market analysis. Data is then aligned to these trends and solutions to the businesses are offered.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is the one who fetches information from a plethora of sources and cleanses and verify them for better understanding. They build AI tools to automate the processes within the company. They are also expected to perform statistical analysis. They can build classifiers using machine learning techniques. They are responsible for creating automated exception detection systems and constant tracking of its performance.

Research and Development Engineer (AI)

A Research and Development Engineer is responsible for the design and implements high-quality application and system across AI infrastructure. They must have software development skills and should collaborate with product management, designers and world-class researchers to create innovative applications with Lachine Learning technologies. They ensure that there are no glitches in voice and text chant conversations performed by bots.

Machine Learning Specialist

Machine Learning Specialist can develop algorithms, analytical methods to support the processing of data, perform data analyses, and identify patterns. They also provide technical support for program management and business development activities. They are even responsible to improve existing techniques.


Researchers in Artificial Intelligence is responsible for researching AI patterns, AI responses, data analysis, data mining, and research, linguistic differences based on demographics and almost every human function that AI is expected to perform.

There are a plethora of designations available in AI. In order to get these positions, it has become vital for professionals to get certified. AI Certifications hold a lot of benefits. They increase credibility and make the certified professionals ready to showcase the skills. Grab your job position in the industry and emerge as a victor with the AI certifications!



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