Learn AI to Give Your Career an Overhaul

On the cusp of the 4th industrial revolution, as businesses world over gear up for the digital transformation, huge limitation prevents them from going full board with it.

The limitation being…

Large talent deficit in the market.

According to China Tech giant Tencent there are only 300,000 Artificial Intelligence engineers available in the world but the need is for millions.

Ironically, there are more number of job openings in the market as compared to the talent available. And this is where the gap broadening in the field of AI and machine learning.

As an 🔗AI enthusiast, you can bridge the gap by acquiring the right skillset.

Now the million dollar questions are — how and why?

👉Why Should You Learn AI?

In simple terms — if you don’t want AI to take your job, you have to take up AI — the choice is yours.

Alright, here are some other reasons why should you go for AI –

1. It is interesting and exciting at the same time

2. AI is the present and the future of IT

3. You can demand higher salary package (if you are skilled and certified AI professional). 🔗AI engineers are commanding about $1000 an hour as per the report by one of the New York based Management organizations 10X Management, that is almost more than triple the pay engineers commanded about five years back.

So if you want to be a part of the future then learning AI should be on your agenda.

👉But how do you prepare for a career in Artificial Intelligence?

The simplest way to do so by constantly up-scaling and upgrading your knowledge and skills related to the field of AI and machine learning. But that’s a given…


So then what’s that special thing you need to do to bridge the talent gap and land yourself a career in AI.

Here’s what you can do…

1. Keep yourself updated about all the new developments in the field of AI

2. Be a part of AI community and keep networking with the like-minded people

3. You need to brush up your basic math and statistics and computer science skills.

👉Bridging the Talent Gap…

In the countries like the US, China, India, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, France, Spain, and Singapore (exactly in this order) the demand for skilled AI professionals is gaining momentum.

While the US leads with 100% penetration of AI skills, and China comes close with 92% penetration, the world is still facing talent deficit. And the only way to bridge the gap by acquiring the right skillset.

So now, let’s see how we can help you reinvent your career by learning AI.

1. Identify the particular role you want to pursue in AI.

2. Once you have identified the role the next step should be to search for programs both online and offline that are available in the market. This will help you prepare for AI-related jobs professionally.

3. Since AI has entered almost every industry and sector — you will also need to identify the industry/sector that interests you and how you can apply your AI knowledge there.

4. Once you have identified above the steps and have undertaken related AI programs available for professionals you can go for 🔗AI certifications as well.

5. Now that you are a certified AI professional, you can start interning with organizations that have deployed AI.

👉Constant learning is the key to master AI

Since AI is one of the disruptive technologies, and is ever-evolving, it is important for you to be on a constant learning mode. In addition, you need to keep experimenting and play with data while applying AI knowledge on either your own projects or the organization you are working for.

There is a huge scope for you in AI if you’re an enthusiast or a practitioner, however, the key to stay in the market is — constant up-scaling your learning curve.

You can do that by:

· Networking with like-minded professionals as that will keep you aware about the latest trends of the field

· Creating and working on your own model to test your knowledge and also to enhance it

Remember if you have chosen AI as your career option then be prepared for hard work, as AI needs your persistence, consistency, patience for constant learning.

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AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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Albert Christopher

Albert Christopher

AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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