Pandas vs. SQL — Tools that are highly used by the Data Scientists

Data Scientists usually take help from tools like Pandas and SQL to do certain tasks like exploring data sets, understanding their structure, content, and relationships.

There is an ongoing discussion related to the best tools for data science that is highly been used by Data Scientists to perform their tasks at the workplace. In their job role, it is important to know the usage of deploying data tools as they are helpful for the process of data analysis. Exploring several data sets and understanding their structure, content, and relationships is a day-to-day task for every Data Scientist. There are several tools that exist for performing those tasks.

In this article, let’s understand the most important tools that offer several functionalities to perform tasks that are related to big data — SQL vs Pandas, as they are highly considered for the tasks that are related to data mining and manipulations. They provide various approaches which are helpful to perform data analysis. These tools play an essential role in the job role of data scientists, data analysts, and professionals who work in the field of business intelligence.

Now, let’s dive deeper to gain in-depth insights into the data science tools and also know their differences.

Pandas Vs SQL

Pandas and SQL may look quite same, but their nature is varied in many ways. Pandas mainly store data in the form of table-like objects and also offer a vast range of methods to transform those. This aspect makes it a preferred tool for data scientists to process the data analysis.

Whereas, SQL is a declarative language, which is designed to gather, transform and prepare the datasets. If data resides in a relational database, letting a database engine perform the steps is a good way. The engines are usually optimized to perform those tasks they also let the database prepare a clean and convenient dataset that facilitates the analysis process.

Let’s have a look at the key differences between Pandas and SQL.


Python supports an in-built library Pandas, which is an open-source data scientists tool. Pandas are very useful to perform the tasks that are related to data analysis where the process of manipulation is done very quickly with more efficiency. Pandas library effectively manages data available in uni-dimensional arrays, which are as called ‘Series’, and multi-dimensional arrays called ‘Data Frames.’

Python offers a huge variety of in-built functions and utilities to perform data analysts, data transforming and manipulations. Statistical modeling, filtering, file operations, sorting, and import or export with the NumPy module are a few vital features of the Pandas library. Huge amounts of data are managed and mined in a better and most user-friendly way.

Pandas or SQL: Which data science tools should the data scientists use?

Pandas usually lag for massive amounts of data but it has several functions that are helpful for the data scientists to manipulate data in an impressive way. Whereas SQL is highly efficient in querying data but it consists of fewer functions.

Pandas are highly recommended if the data science professionals want to manipulate the data or for plotting, as it is easier to analyze data with special plotting features that offer a quicker plot to acquire in-detail and in-depth insights into the data. Whereas SQL has to use Tableau for data visualization.

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AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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Albert Christopher

Albert Christopher

AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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