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Prove your expertise, potential, and talent to hold bigger responsibilities of an organization like Data Scientist with Senior Data Scientist — SDS Certification.

Data Science related job positions have been the trend in the tech job market during the last two years and the demand is growing further at a faster rate. Data science, by definition, is not a single discipline but is a multi-disciplinary subject. It involves knowledge of programming, statistics, and business knowledge as well as an aptitude for creativity.

Northeastern University recognizes a set of potential jobs related to data science like business intelligence developer, data architect, data scientist, and machine learning engineer. The reports suggest that around 15 million data science professionals are in demand by 2021.

Among various data science professionals, data scientists are in high demand as they find a path to answer business questions and create innovative solutions through data wrangling. The research, analyze deeply, identify patterns, linkages, behaviors of data, and use those patterns to benefit their organization.

Further, the market report says that the big data market will reach USD 103 billion by 2027, up from USD 49 billion in 2019.

The field of data science is much-hyped and carries a potentially fat paycheck. If you are one of the professionals eager to plunge into the data science industry, then this the right time for you to take up a certification program in data science.

The lockdown (intelligent or full lockdown) enforced to slow the spread of coronavirus across the globe has given time to reorient your career trajectory too. Many working professionals are opting for online certifications for data science and upskilling themselves to have a transition in their careers.

It is time to devise an effective strategy to obtain data science skills. If you are introduced to the data science field and aspire to become a data scientist during this period, then seeking Senior Data Scientist — SDS certification would be the right choice for you.

Learn more about SDS certification here.

Senior Data Scientist — SDS Certification

The SDS certification is provided by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). DASCA is known to research, design, and build platform-independent Data Science Knowledge frameworks, standards, and credentials.

This SDS certification program from DASCA addresses the challenging expectations of Big Data stakeholders at the international level. Moreover, the certification is globally-recognized and known to earn 40–50% more than the non-certified peer group. It is a credible 3rd-party, vendor-neutral certification meant for data analysts professionals looking for a high-profile job.

The surprisingly beneficial note on this certification is that it is designed in such a way that your job will be secure even during economic downturns or pandemic crisis which we are facing now.

The SDS certification suits for professionals who have completed Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering, Applied Sciences, Economics, Finance, Management or any other related disciplines. Also, the candidates must have a minimum of 4–5 years of work experience in data science and related fields. Candidates with a valid SBDA™ or SBDE™ certification are also eligible.

To know more details on the specifics on learning coverage, registration process, renewal of SDS certification, and other details.

As you clear your exam, get rewarded with the digitally badged SDS and add credibility to your professional presence. Get certified with the most-coveted certification and gain the most in-demand job in the industry.



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