Top 3 Machine Learning and AI Certification You Should Not Miss in 2020

The development of AI is growing at lightning speed. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Report 2020, AI experts stood as one of the fastest-growing job careers in AI. Industries and the new workforce need to adapt to the quick change and keep upskilling.

The report also mentions as the development of the internet, information technology, and computer software accelerates, so did the demand for AI professionals grew by 74 percent annually in the last five years.

Professionals with AI skills are bound to have countless job opportunities in the upcoming years. Not to mention, AI is expected to create about 2.3 million new jobs by the end of 2020, says Gartner.

Below is a list of the best AI certification programs you should not miss this year.

1. Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning and AI

This course is recommended for undergraduates looking to get into the AI career. The program assures individuals to gain education and necessary training to become successful in the AI-powered world. Offered by MIT, the faculty helps candidates learn cutting-edge technology and research on the best practices that are used in building AI systems.

✏️Registration: May 2020

Duration: varies

📒Mode of teaching: online

👉Eligibility criteria:

The Professional Certificate Program in machine learning and AI is ideal for:

  • Working professionals having at least three years of work experience with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, physics, statistics, and electrical engineering.
  • Individuals whose work is closely aligned with data analysis and are looking to gain in-depth learning about the key concepts, algorithms, formulations along with examples related to machine learning and AI.
  • Senior management such as managers seeking to expand their horizon in multiple areas — performance hurdles in predictive modeling and while handling large amounts of textual data.


The certification programs allow candidates to grasp the opportunity to make connections with peers from across the world and interact with key disciplines and different AI theories. Additionally, this program provides the candidate with the knowledge that can be put to immediate use and help organizations advanced their cognitive technology.

🔗Website Link

2. Artificial Intelligence Engineer Certification Program

The Artificial Intelligence Engineer ( AIE™) Certification Program from The Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA) is a top pick. It is a superb AI certification program ideal for candidates looking to prioritize their careers in the AI front.

ARTIBA offers robust coursework covering the International Artificial Intelligence Standard along with functions. The AIE™ certification is unique and offers great value for aspiring AI engineers. The high-quality curriculum cover topics related to supervised and unsupervised machine learning, machine learning regression, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and cognitive computing paving the relevant pathway to launch a career in AI.

The AIE™ credential is based on the internationally recognized AMDEX™ framework allowing budding AI professionals to gain expertise and become subject matter experts for all types of job opportunities in the AI domain.

✏️Registration: Registrations are open

Duration: Self-paced, however, exams should be taken within the next 135 days after registration.

📒Mode of teaching: The applicant receives the AIE™ learning deck — special resources for acquiring skills designed and curated by the industry’s best experts. This learning kit prepares for skill development and provides job-ready capabilities for applicants looking to move into leadership positions.

👉Eligibility criteria:

Track 1

· Education — Associate degree or Diploma in subjects like computer science, business, technology, and related disciplines in mathematics and statistics as one of the main subjects.

· Work experience — a minimum of two years of work experience in any computing sub-functions.

Track 2

· Education — Bachelor’s degree in subjects like computer science, business, technology, and related disciplines in mathematics and statistics as one of the main subjects.

· Work experience — not mandatory however strong foundation of computer knowledge is a must.

Track 3

· Education — Master’s degree (current and past students) in subjects like computer science, business, technology, and related disciplines in mathematics and statistics as one of the main subjects from any one of ARTIBA recognized institutions.

· Work experience — Experience is not mandatory but a working knowledge of computers is preferred.


As a registrant, you receive the AIE™ artificial intelligence learning deck. This learning deck consists of an integrated set of individual learning resources which is an official preparation kit to gain the AI certification.

An ARTIBA certified candidate is globally recognized and deems fit to be the employer’s first choice of preference.

🔗Website Link

3. Machine Learning Certificate

The Machine Learning Certificate offered by e-Cornell equips candidates to implement machine learning algorithms with Python. Combining both mathematics and intuition, students can now learn to frame machine learning problems and develop a model to understand the approach used by data science professionals.

✏️Registration: throughout the year

Duration: 3.5 months

📒Mode of teaching: online

👉Eligibility criteria:

  • Programmers with Python programming
  • Developers
  • Data analysts
  • Software engineers
  • Statisticians
  • Data scientists


This coursework helps in improving the prediction accuracy of algorithms with the help of a bias-variance trade-off. The program teaches foundational linear algebra skills that are required in machine learning. You get to gain knowledge about how to estimate probability distributions from the data and build a name classifier. Learn to construct and train neural networks for multiple data modalities especially for images and texts.

🔗Website Link

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AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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Albert Christopher

Albert Christopher

AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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