Top 4 Professional Data Science Certificates to enhance your career

Globally the demand for data science has become necessary in several industries; they are taking help from it to attain valuable insights to stay ahead of the competition. Each industry has a massive amount of data that they don’t know what to do with it. The need for professionals in data science has grown immensely in all industries because only they can understand the data.

If you are seeking career opportunities in the area of data science then doing professional data science certificates will be the best option to develop one’s skills and also to stand out against the competition.

If one wants to do data science certification, then there are several ways they can choose from. In this article, let’s gain an understanding and know the best certifications that are in high demand to be an expert in data science.

• MongoDB Certified Developer

EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) certifications

DASCA tests every single aspirant’s knowledge with the world’s most robust generic data science knowledge framework. DASCA data science certifications cover an overall range of essential areas of knowledge. Any data science professional across 183 countries can register for DASCA certification programs and study from the most advanced Big Data learning resource ever, developed around the DASCA-EKF™.

DASCA offers data scientist certifications. The following certifications are:

• Data Scientist Certifications

a)Senior Data Scientist (SDS™)

b)Principal Data Scientist (PDS™)

SDS™, PDS™ credentials exam duration is 100–minutes online exam. And a complete exam preparation kit will be offered by DASCA.

SAS certification

SAS Certified Big Data Professional:

SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional:

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