Top AI Certifications one should not miss in 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the rapidly growing sectors in the world today. The automation industry is on the lookout for the right AI talent who possess skills, and who help their business grow.

There are many individuals who want to pursue a career path in AI. And to become an artificial intelligence engineer one has to have the relevant skills. And these skills can be mastered by doing certification programs through various learning institutions.

Below is a list of some of the top AI certifications that will add a lot of value to your career by enhancing your skills as well as by giving an in-depth working knowledge.

· AI For Everyone certification from Coursera

Coursera is a world-class learning platform, which offers several certification programs. One such certification program is “AI For Everyone.” This certification program covers topics that offer a better understanding of various AI strategies, which are helpful for building machine learning and data science projects. The topics that are covered in this certification program are:

· ML and its functionalities

· Insights on neural networks, deep learning, and data science.

This program also provides short quizzes, which are very helpful in grasping new and complex concepts.

· Artificial Intelligence Engineer certification from Simplilearn

Simplilearn provides an Artificial Intelligence Engineer certification program in collaboration with IBM. This certification program is helpful to enrich the skills of an individual and makes him/her an expert in Artificial Intelligence. The individuals who got enrolled for this certification program can master the following concepts:

· Data science with Python, machine learning, deep learning, & NLP

· In-depth knowledge of Python libraries like SciPy, Scikit, NumPy, and other essential machine learning techniques

· Access to the IBM Cloud Lite account

This program also offers IBM’s exclusive features like hackathons, master classes, live sessions, practical labs, and ask me anything sessions & projects. After successfully completing this certification they will receive an industry-recognized Simplilearn AI Master’s Certificate.

· Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIE™) certification from ARTiBA

ARTiBA offers Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIE™) certification, based on the internationally recognized AMDEX™ framework. This is a vendor-neutral top AI certification, which empowers the candidates to enhance their careers in artificial intelligence by attaining knowledge as Subject Matter Experts (SME). In the AIE™ certification program, candidates will learn the following concepts:

· Machine learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) algorithms

· Natural Language Processing (NLP), supervised and unsupervised learning

· Cognitive computing, reinforced learning

This program is online self-paced and one can appear for an exam after 45 days of registration. The certified AIE™ candidates can launch their careers in AI.

· Professional Program certification in AI from Microsoft

Microsoft offers Professional Program certification in Artificial Intelligence, which is designed with the focus to help the candidates attain the required skills to develop deep learning predictive models for AI. The candidates will have the freedom to take the lessons in any order, but it is advised to follow the suggested format so that the candidates can develop their knowledge about the advanced concepts. The topics that are covered in this certification are:

· Basics of ML, language, communication, and computer vision

· Usage and applications of Python to work with data

· Develop ML and reinforcement learning models

· Build artificial intelligence solutions and their applications

· Free Artificial Intelligence programs from edX

If aspiring artificial intelligence engineers are looking for free AI certification programs, then edX is offering them. These programs are designed by top institutions in the world like Harvard, Columbia, and others. The candidates are free to choose any topic they want to learn and expand their careers with. After completion of these programs, the candidates will even get certification specific to the program they have done. The topics that are covered in these certifications are:

· Kinematics and mathematical foundations

· Artificial Intelligence, ML, and robotics

· Computer vision and image analysis to robotics

· Knowledge of computer science, psychology, natural language processing, neuroscience, data science, and many other disciplines

· Artificial Intelligence A-Z™: Learn how to build an AI from Udemy

This certification program is a beginner-level program, which is designed to teach the candidates the basic concepts of AI. To do this program there is no requirement of any type of experience. This program can be taken up by anyone irrespective of their expertise level. After completion of this program, the candidate will even get a certification. The topics that are covered in this certification are:

· Build an AI

· Understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence

· Make a virtual self-driving car

· Make an AI to beat games

· Solve real world problems with AI

· Master the state of the art AI models

· Q-Learning

· Deep Q-Learning

· Deep Convolutional Q-Learning

· A3C

This certification program offers downloadable code templates available in the material.


If you want to excel in the field of artificial intelligence then doing a certification will not only boost your skillset but also gives you a chance into a ground-breaking technology, which is getting ready to take over the world in the future.

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