Top reasons to do a big data analytics certification

In today’s world, several organizations have understood the importance of big data as an essential source for attaining insights and making informed decisions. For instance, with the help of data analytics, organizations can carefully examine the information from a certain marketing campaign and based on it they can measure the success of their business.

The demand for data analytics certificates has gained huge popularity as the demand for data skills has increased. Most of the certification programs offer students to learn key programming languages, such as Python, R, and SQL, among others, and also to attain hands-on experience with:

· Data collection

· Data analysis

· Data visualization

· Predictive analytics

· Statistical analysis

Reasons why one should do a data analytics certification

The data analytics certification is a very worthwhile investment. According to a study from Microsoft, 91 percent of hiring managers claimed that certifications played a big role in the candidate’s selection process. The certification will help the individuals to develop their data skills.

Here are a few reasons why an individual should do a certification:

· Less investment

Globally, many students spend a lot of time and money learning general academics in a college. Learning on the job takes more time and there are chances that one might end up doing mistakes, this may also result in significant costs to a career. The certification costs less in terms of money and time when compared to a college degree.

With a professional big data analytics certification, they can undergo better practical training, which offers better preparation in the specific industry in which the student is interested.

· Demand for skills

The demand for skilled data analytics professionals is increasing exponentially. By doing a certification an individual can acquire strong skills in the following areas which include technical, analytical, attention to details, business skills, and so on, which are needed to excel in the field of data analytics. These help an individual to be a great data analyst.

· Defines credibility

Globally, many organizations consider data analytics certification as a validation of a candidate’s skills. When organizations are on a hunt to hire data analysts, they usually prefer those candidates who have undergone professional training from an accredited institute. Doing a professional certification in data analytics is considered a high standard of education.

· Better practical knowledge

One of the best aspects about doing a certification is that it provides an opportunity to learn from industry professionals who possess many years of experience in the same field. One can get to learn as well as work with the marketing tools, which are widely used in the industries. For example, if an individual does a certification in web analytics, then he/she will get an opportunity to use an actual Google Analytics tool, which is used highly by data analysts in several industries.

· Knowledge of latest industry trends

Earning a data analytics certificate is very helpful, as it gives details about the latest industry trends. One can expand their knowledge immensely by learning something new. Applying this knowledge will benefit an individual’s career growth and will also makes you a valuable asset to the employer.

· Shows passion

Many organizations are on the lookout for candidates who are sincere about their job aspirations. A certification on a candidate’s resume will give potential employers a very good impression that the candidate is someone who is serious about his/her career, curious to gain more knowledge, and also passionate about the work.

· Make a difference

Earning a big data analytics certification makes you stand out of the competition. The skills and knowledge you have attained by doing the certification will not only help you to grow in your career but also can deliver the best output for the organization to meet its goals. Another best aspect of doing a certification is that the candidate will get an opportunity to work on actual projects where they will learn several ways to apply their skills in real-time.

End Notes

Certifications are created to help individuals take benefit of various opportunities. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to learning. Do a certification as it offers better opportunities to learn, implement, and grow in your career.

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