What Is More Beneficial for Data Science Career: Projects or Certifications?

Data science certifications and projects will strengthen your resume

👉 What’s the point of earning data science certifications?

By earning data science credentials, you will be able to:

  • Showcase your interest in self-driven learning: Only those professionals who have the most recent and up-to-date skills reflected on their portfolios stand a chance of being chosen from the hiring manager’s candidate pool in today’s competitive job market. It demonstrates to hiring managers that the applicants are self-driven and sincerely committed to their job search and career goals.
  • Crack the job with handsome salary packages: Earning a data science certification sets a candidate apart from the competition and distinguishes them as having put in hard work, time, and energy as well as having gained practical experience and acquired skills by devotedly completing the certification course. Companies and hiring managers across the spectrum fully recognize how challenging it can be to secure and earn a certification. Your CV will demonstrate that you have invested in learning about data science, as opposed to being a list of highlights that the applicant hopes the hiring managers will find interesting. A recent Payscale survey suggests that entry-level data scientists make an average of USD 85,733 per year, which is quite high compared to other occupations.
  • Ace the contemporary industry skills and techniques: It will be possible for you to gain a variety of fresh facts on how the subject of data science is developing and what the most recent advancements in it are. If you complete your professional certification. If a company is looking to hire candidates for positions linked to data science, such as data scientist and data analyst, you will be an invaluable resource if you have cutting-edge talents.
  • Work in any type of industry: Data science has broad and diverse uses in a wide range of other areas, including government, construction, transportation, banking and finance, communications, media and entertainment, education, and healthcare. With the best data science certification, you will be able to work in all of these fields as a solution architect, data scientist, project manager, statistician, or business intelligence specialist.

👉 Data science projects are weighty

1) Regression projects:

  • Finding familiarity between age and voting behavior
  • Predicting employee salary
  • Predicting frauds and so on.

2) Sentiment evaluation projects:

  • Analyzing Amazon’s product reviews
  • Analyzing IMDb reviews
  • Gaining insights from customer feedback etc.

3) Natural language processing (NLP) projects:

  • Extracting data from legal documents
  • Extracting information about tweets about a firm or its contenders.

Wrapping up…



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