Why Senior Big Data Engineering Certification Suits You

Do you see yourself in the role as mentioned below in the near future?

· Support Hadoop and modern data environments

· Setup infrastructure, install software and look after all the process up to maintenance

· Identify third-party tools and manage Spark

· Involve in technical investigations and prototypes

· Manage cluster related testing activities

· Perform capacity monitoring and capacity planning on resources

· Design and implement disaster recovery strategy for all data components

· Adopt new concepts, practices or approaches

Then, the big data industry is for you. These are your dream career- Big data professional’s job roles.

Yes, a senior big data engineer designs, builds, coordinates, and integrates technology solutions in alignment with the infrastructure standards and definitions.

To attain your encouraging roles, get certified with Senior Big Data Engineering (SBDE) certification. It lands you straight into your dream career.

As the job demand increases every day (there will be 2.7 million job postings in data analytics and data science by 2021, as per PwC reports), earning a certification gives you the required competence, knowledge, and skills to win over the job market competition.

Join the SBDE certification program from the Data Science Council of America to realize your dreams. This coveted third-party, vendor-neutral certification gives you the competence required to survive in the big data industry, confidence to wrangle data, and bring innovative solutions for your organization.

To know more about the SBDE™ certification program!




AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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Albert Christopher

Albert Christopher

AI Researcher, Writer, Tech Geek. Contributing to Data Science & Deep Learning Projects. #coding #algorithms #machinelearning

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